System Integration vs. Overhaul

Let us show you how....

E-Commerce Solutions that integrate with your back-end systems, in many cases, meet your immediate business needs more effectively than solutions that overhaul existing IT infrastructure.

Back-end legacy systems like Mainframes and Mid-Range systems remain the nucleus of many large IT environments and carry business logic, the rewrite of which are appallingly expensive. Since the advent of the Internet and the ensuing need to support internet users, IT executives are increasingly faced with a decision to integrate or overhaul their IT architecture.

A modular e-commerce solution that integrates with existing IT infrastructures, interoperates with disparate systems, re-uses existing application logic and meets the demands of the Internet users has been increasingly viewed as a prudent and cost-effective approach. We bring the experience of Systems Integration and Application Interoperability to help you make the right decision and deliver the solution professionally.

Complete vs. Selective Off-Shore Outsourcing

Let us show you how....

Strategic off-shore outsourcing of your IT needs increases the returns on your IT investment. Today, more and more corporations outsource their information technology needs to gain competitive cost advantages. While many companies try to outsource their IT needs in the entirety, in reality, however, this approach has not always yielded intended results. More often the downside has been the waning focus on meeting core business needs and project objectives primarily due to the engulfing communication gap between key internal staff and the team operating off-shore. Many a business has been saddled with incompetent design and inefficient code that result in burgeoning maintenance costs. We believe rather, in selective outsourcing where you are strategically associated with us in managing and operating your IT applications and systems. This way, we stay in touch with your core business needs and project goals, augment your existing capabilities with proven technologies and at the same time supporting you in reap the substantial cost benefits afforded by our off-shore outsourcing approach.

Traditional B2B connectivity vs. XML-based Web Services

Let us show you how....

you could simplify the communications interchange with your trading partners and customers eliminating the complexities and the expense associated with traditional business-to-business connectivity.

Before web services and standards-based technologies that support web services started transforming and simplifying the way the enterprise thinks about its applications and its business, linking and accessing applications over a network required extensive knowledge of the hardware, operating systems, language, software, version numbers, etc., of the other applications.

Now a common interface, a communication method and message transport enables businesses to realize the benefits of connecting over the internet. For example, developers at participating businesses can use web services to link together an order entry systems, credit authorization process and inventory application or member eligibility, adjudication and billing application without needing to create proprietary interfaces to any of the interacting systems.

Like many businesses, if exchanging information between applications and networks is part of your everyday ordeal, allow us to release your business from the burden of complex, slow and expensive software development and focus instead on value added and mission critical tasks.

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