Public Health Portal-Integration

The State of Maine wished to implement a comprehensive integrated public health information system (IPHIS) to improve the information flow between state employees, health care providers and public health entities to ensure timely health emergency response and preparedness for the public.

As part of our subcontract with Northrop, Triadata is engaged in incorporating multiple public health information systems used by the Bureau of Health and external entities of the Maine state government. Triadata also helps to develop custom software and install commercial-off-the-shelf products, integrating components and systems to provide efficient access and exchange of public health information.

IPHIS is a Web-based system that will integrate multiple public health information systems and promote secure, timely and accurate sharing of public health information that supports Center for Disease Control and Bureau of Health information systems initiatives. This communication includes data transactions with primary care providers, laboratories, hospital emergency centers, and health engineering and community-based provider agencies.

Public health constituents supported by IPHIS will be equipped with the capability to receive and integrate records of infectious disease reporting, immunization administration, selected health screening and lab test results, facility inspections and health alerts.

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